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Our Ministry

God spoke to us and said, the four walls of your church are no longer your walls, the world is now your church. We are now traveling to many nations preaching the love and grace of God and taking revival fires to the nations!

Fire to the Nations Church

We launched Fire to the Nations Church on December 5, 2021 in Brownsville, Texas! 

Since then we have gone to two services, one in English and one in Spanish. We are growing! The people are hungry to know more of God. Many have never been in church and others have not been in church since their childhood while still others were praying for a church where faith and grace would be taught and others were hoping to experience the presence of God and His power! The enthusiasm is overwhelming and it makes our role as pastors so easy. Launched our midweek service, Wednesday February 2, 2022.

Fire To The Nations

We travel to many Spanish speaking countries, and serve as an aid to Pastors providing them with seminars and one to one personal care for them and their families.  A one week seminar is held in their local churches providing leadership training, marriage, women, men, youth and children's workshops during the day and special church services at night.

People are reached through the preaching of the Gospel using television, radio,  and the Internet. Throughout the year, seminars, crusades, church meetings and leadership trainings are provided for Pastors and their congregations. The ministry also financially supports Missionaries, Pastors and Ministers.

Aviva El Fuego Crusades

We have started to hold city-wide crusades in different cities around Mexico. These meetings typically last 2-3 nights. Prior to the crusade we meet with the local Pastors and share our plans for this crusade and ask for their help in promoting the crusade. We send our team 5 to 6 weeks before our crusade to teach the different churches we are working with how to evangelize and pray for the sick. They go to the streets and spread the word about the crusade. Before we leave we give the local pastors the information of those who were saved so they can keep on caring for them and inviting them to their church. That is why we send our team ahead of time to train the churches and enable them to help the new believers. During these crusades we see many receive Christ and many be healed! 

Women's Ministry

Ernie heads up the Women's ministry, MUJER LIBRE        ( FREE).  She is a motivational speaker using God's word and principles to help women of all ages and cultures to receive their freedom from bondages and hurts in their lives and past and to help them begin to walk in the knowledge and freedom of God's restoring love and grace impulsing them to love themselves and experience their true worth in God.

Fire Confrences

Fire Conference is a yearly revival conference whose main focus is to have teaching seminars during the day on various topics concerning Christian growth and character and during the evenings, Holy Ghost services.

Pastors and their church members come from all over Mexico to attend these meetings and be refreshed and receive a word from God. 

Pastoral Support

Ministering to pastors and their families is a mission close to our hearts. At the age of seventeen, while Jerry was praying, God impressed upon his heart that one day he would be a Pastor to Pastors. It wasn't until twenty years later that this revelation became a reality. As a young pastor starting out in the ministry, Jerry found himself in need of a mentor, a friend and someone who he could fellowship with and would be accountable to. Three years later he found that mentor and to this day considers him his pastor, mentor and friend. Knowing how he had felt as a young pastor without a mentor, his heart recalled the words God had spoken to him at age seventeen and out of this a heart and compassion for Pastors was started. We currently serve as mentors to many Pastors in Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay who in turn have started to mentor other Pastors and now a network of Pastors has developed.

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