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GO Academy will include classroom teaching as well as practical outreaches. The students will be required to serve in IFAN or their home church if they are from Pachuca. They will also be required to assist in all 3 of the crusades scheduled this year. Along with learning foundational truths of the Kingdom of God, a couple of their big assignments will be to organize and implement a crusade in a surrounding village of Pachuca; to design a plan of evangelism for their church and city to take home with them GO Academy will not only disciple the students, but will give them the tools to evangelize and disciple others.


GO Academy is a Spanish-speaking school and will be 9 months in duration. It will be based out of our church IFAN here in Pachuca. The school will be in three terms; offering 9 courses per term. School will be held Tuesdays through Fridays from 9am - 1pm. Tuesdays-Thursdays will be in-class studies and Fridays will be practical outreach days into specific areas of Pachuca. Classes start March 15, 2017 and students will graduate November 26, 2017. Students housing is not available so the students are required to find their own housing. Childcare is also not provided.


We are believing God for the finances to get this school going. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. We also would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance and for the right students to attend. Each student that would attend this school, will be doing it by faith. So if you would like to sponsor a student, we could make that happen for you. The cost of GO Academy will be 1,000 pesos/month plus 1,000 pesos per term for books that the students will be required to read. The total price for a year is roughly $625US or $70US/month.


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